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Rock Talk with Sommer: Conversations with Women in the Music Industry

Jan 20, 2018

What happens when you combine two sisters who’ve been through some tough times with aggressive rock n’ roll? You get empowered, feminine, primal rock! New-ish on the national scene The Scars Heal in Time are a female formed band (Tayler on drums, and her sister Kayla on vocals and guitar). In Your Flame is their newest song — you’ll get a peek listen — and is about being with someone who brings out the worse in you. They are releasing a new EP, produced by Justin Rimer (12 Stones, Saving Abel) and their music video was directed by Jon Vulpine (Backstreet Boys, Saliva, Lil Wayne, Drowning Pool). In this episode we also remember some of those musicians we lost in 2017, and talk about the latest going on in the music industry including Taylor Swift and streaming services, Spotify going public, a new David Bowie documentary, the release of another Jimi Hendrix album, 2018 music world predictions (some #MeToo focus), Green Day getting political, Bono being disappointed women have ruined music and Radiohead suing Lana Del Rey.