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Rock Talk with Sommer: Conversations with Women in the Music Industry

Nov 11, 2017

Imagine a place where females and other underserved individuals dreaming of a career in the music industry had a place where they could get the training, support and resources to do so. The fact is less than 5% of the people working in the field of music production & recording arts are women. Songwriter, composer, recording engineer, and producer Terri Winston founded the Women’s Audio Mission in 2003. And since they’ve been working to change those numbers. Through WAM 400+ women have been placed in paid positions with Google, Pixar, SFJazz, NPR, Comedy Central, Animal Planet, Electronic Arts, and others. 2,000+ classes have been given to 8,000 women/girls over 14 years. The Women’s Audio Mission’s has the only professional recording studio in the world built and run entirely by women. Women’s Audio Mission has produced and recorded albums for over 150 artists from 21 countries, including Grammy award winners.